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Ouden menei (Nothing remains), for baritone saxophone & tape
Theofilos Sotiriadis
Thessaloniki, May 2012

Ora ekti (Sixth hour), for wind quintet
Pavlos Sergiou (conductor)
Athens, March 2010

Mitos, for clarinet, cello and piano
Yann Ghiro (cl.), Martin Storey (Vc.), Simon Smith (piano)
ECAT, Edinburg, September 2010

Klotho, concerto for piano solo, string orchestra & percussion
Uwe Matschke (piano), Miltos Logiadis (conductor), Orchestra of the Colours
Athens, January 2009

Semicolon, for accordion & saxophone-quartet
Konstantinos Raptis, Athenaeum saxophon-quartet
Athens, March 2012

Four of the Seven Summaries, for two violins
Angelina Kartsaki, Sofia Baltazi
Berlin, February 2008

Lithino (Made of Stone)
three pieces for guitar
Bessy Diagoma
Thessaloniki, May 2006

Schema V, for violin
Dionisis Vervitsiotis
Thessaloniki, May 2006

Orneon Rok, for violin & guitar
Dionisis Vervitsiotis (violin), Bessy Diagoma (guitar)
Thessaloniki, May 2006

at the month of October, oratorio
for psaltis, baritone, narrator,
childrens' choir, byzantine choir & chamber ensemble
Lygourgos Angelopoulos, Vengelis Maniatis, Maria Kantife,
Alimos Musik Gymnasium choir, Greek Byzantine Choir, ensemble ARKYS
condustor: Pavlos Sergiou

Zibib, like three Bagatelles for saxophone quartet
Athenaeum sax-quartet/Stella Arambatzoglou
Athens, March 2005

Schema II, for saxophone
Stella Arambatzoglou
Athens, May 2004

Schema, for accordeon
Konstantinos Raptis
Munich, November 2001

Sigana (Smoothly), for clarinet & saxophone
Maria Charchali (clarinet), Stella Arambatzoglou (saxophone)
Athens, October 1998

Chalkos echon (Clinging cooper)
Gruppe Junge Musik, R.Schmiedel (conductor)
Leipzig, Juni 1997
Gloria, for seven voices
Angelina Kartsaki (recording for Miriam Sachs' play "Die Gewalt der Musik")
Montepulciano, July 2011

Salve Regina, for four voices
Angelina Kartsaki (recording for Miriam Sachs' play "Die Gewalt der Musik")
Montepulciano, July 2011

Mauricios' nightingale, for string orchestra
Youth Chamber Orchestra of State Musik-School Chemnitz, Lennart Dohms (conductor)
Chemnitz, March 2011

Andreas Winkler, Mechthild Winkler
Spinnerei, Leipzig, October 2009

Chronos toutos, for saxophone quartet
Makedonikon sax-quartet/Th.Sotiriadis, Thessaloniki
November 2008

Logismos (Thouht), for flute & piano
Irini Delezou (flute), Christos Chalnaridis (piano)
Thessaloniki, January 2007

Helidonisma, for eight violins
Students of the Music Department/University of Macedonia, Pavlos Sergiou (conductor)
Thessaloniki, May 2006

Ode β΄, for string orchestra
Students of the Music Department/University of Macedonia, Pavlos Sergiou (conductor)
Thessaloniki, May 2006

Orchestra of the Colours, Miltos Logiadis (conductor)
Athens, November 1999

Oulaloum I, for mezzo & accordion
Margarita Syngeniotou, Konstantinos Raptis

Oulaloum II, for baritone & e-guitar
Vangelis Maniatis, Nikos Spyropoulos

Prologue Note or Summary, Text: G.Skarimbas, for solo voice
Margarita Syngeniotou
Athens, February 1998

16th Reading: Voices, Text: K.P.Kavafis, for voice quartet
Emmeleia/Valery Oreskin
Athens, May 1998

Trisdiathlasis (Refraction), for clarinet, saxophone & bassoon, 
Students of the Music Academy Detmold
Detmold, June 1997

Antaion, for trumpet & four trombones
Students of the Music Academy Leipzig
Leipzig, May 1997